(HMD) 1 fl oz


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Designed by Jack Hinze, N.M.D., Pharm.D. Product contains ethyl alcohol and purified water and the following homeopathics Allum Sativum, 6x, Avena Sativa, 6x, Berberis Vulgaris, 6x, Lappaartica, 6x, Phytolacca Decandra, 6x, Solidago Virgaurea, 6x, Alumina, 6c, 12c, Argentum Nitricum, 6c, 12c, Baryta Carbonica, 6c, 12c, Beryllium Metallicum, 6c, 12c, Cadmium Metallicum, 6c, 12c, Cuprum Metallicum, 6c, 12c, Fluoricum Acidum, 6c, 12c, Indium Metallicum, 6c, 12c, Iodium Purumm 6c, 12c, Lithium Carbonicum, 6c, 12c, Mercurius Solubilis, 6c, 12c, Niccolum Carbonicum, 6c, 12c, Nitrorgenum Oxygenatum, 6c, 12c, Plumbum Melallicum, 6c, 12c, Selenium, 6c, 12c, Strontium Carbonicum, 6c, 12c, Titanium Metallicum, 6c, 12c, Arsenicum Muriaticum. 12c, Natrum Muriaticum, 12c, Nux Vomica, 12c.


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