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Resurrecting Your Life is a spiritual, Christian inspirational, self-study based on the teachings of Jesus. Its purpose is to give hope and inspiration to every person who has died at heart and feels the emptiness. Resurrecting Your Life was conceived from the Christian concept of Jesus being crucified and then being resurrected. This act was not only achieved by Jesus Christ over two thousand years ago, but he promised that, “you can do all things that I do and even more.”

Every human being has been granted a God-given talent. If that person is striving toward this Godly gift, they live life with passion. Sadly, many people lose their way and find themselves living in darkness. They turn away from God (love) – and they live a life of death. Resurrecting Your Life will inspire your own personal resurrection. It motivates you to take back your life through the positive power of God and the words of Jesus Christ. An extra benefit of Resurrecting Your Life is it is the first book to use “imperative imprinting” which is a method of selecting positive, action words and presenting these words in bold, which impress the subconscious mind. These carefully chosen words are also designed for quick reading or review.

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